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      Sea freight from Melbourne port


      The power of our worldwide network and local market expertise is undeniable. We tackle complex logistic challenges with integrated solutions designed to optimise your supply chain.

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      Supply chain solutions designed for you

      We work with some of Australia's biggest brands, providing logistic solutions that solve real-world problems. Our local team of experts unlock business potential and can help your business go global.

      Looking for a quote?

      If you are new to working with C.H. Robinson, get a quote for air, sea and more.

      Our freight services in Australia

      With the smartest solutions in place, your global supply chain keeps moving, helping you reach your goals faster.


      Global Forwarding

      Leverage our competitive sea and air freight service, domestic shipping solutions and knowledgeable customs clearance experts to improve your supply chain.


      Australian Domestic Services

      Use our interstate sea freight in Australia as a cost-effective shipping alternative to road and rail from East to West. Or, leverage our 72-hour, off peak, domestic air consolidation for cross-country coverage.


      Project Logistics

      Obtain a customised solution—one that integrates project logistics, international forwarding and customs services—to fit your unique, out of gauge or heavy lift project and your industry.

      We are the world's largest logistics platform

      C.H. Robinson solves logistics problems for companies across the globe and across industries, from the simple to the most complex. With over $20 billion in freight under management and 18 million shipments annually, we are the world’s largest logistics platform. Our global suite of services accelerates trade to seamlessly deliver the products and goods that drive the world’s economy. With the combination of our multi-modal transportation management system and expertise, we use our information advantage to deliver smarter solutions for our more than 124,000 customers and 76,000 contract carriers. Our technology is built by and for supply chain experts to bring faster, more meaningful improvements to our customers’ businesses.

      Our commitment to our customers

      Global suite
      of services

      Work with a provider that can reliably meet all of your logistics services and technology needs today and in the future

      Technology Built By And For Supply Chain Experts

      Tailored, market-leading solutions that work for supply chain professionals and drive supply chain outcomes

      Information advantage driving smarter solutions

      Drive better outcomes for your business by taking advantage of our experience, data and scale

      People you
      can rely on

      Our global network of experts acts as an extension of your team

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