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      Managed Procurement Services

      What sets our supply chain management apart

      When it comes to best-in-class perishable supply chains, C.H. Robinson goes beyond simple supply chain consultation. We help customers reduce supply chain costs an average of 7-10% by combining technology, expertise, and impactful logistics solutions.

      Supply Chain Technology

      Our managed procurement technology is key to controlling your SKU portfolio, consolidating order quantities, and ensuring cost accuracy throughout the entire order process.

      Cold Chain Expertise

      Driving efficiency and cost savings into your supply chain starts with logistics expertise. Trust our people to help you analyze your supply chain to identify the solutions you need.

      Logistics and Procurement Solutions

      Beyond mere consultation, our Managed Procurement Services can help implement logistics solutions to get you one step closer to a best-in-class supply chain.


      • Web-based purchase order process improvement
      • Inbound and outbound order consolidation
      • Electronic invoicing
      • Contract management/pricing validation


      • Cold chain visibility and track and trace
      • Procurement/product sourcing
      • Transportation/warehousing
      • Market analytics

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