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      Our Temperature Controlled Shipping Services

      Resources / Videos / Our Temperature Controlled Shipping Services


      Differentiate yourself in the moving of temperature-sensitive freight

      When it comes to moving perishable goods like produce, pharmaceutical, and floral, your supply chain needs expertise, care, and communication. C.H. Robinson’s temperature controlled shipping services safeguard your cold chain, ensuring your pre-trip requirements and in-transit requests are taken care of.

      In this video, learn how your business can benefits from our best-in-class processes, industry-leading people, and innovative Navisphere® global technology platform. Peek inside our floral warehouse to see how we deliver longer shelf lives and superior conditions through proper ethaline levels and quick turnaround.

      As one of the largest global logistics providers in the world, we provide access to over 22,000 temperature controlled carriers that get your goods where they need to go without breaking the cold chain.

      Learn more about our temperature controlled shipping services.